What skating opportunities are available?

NPAFSC provides a variety of opportunities for skaters of all ages. Review the list below for brief descriptions and contact information.

New Prague Area Figure Skating Club

Contact Information :: Email the Board ::  npafsc@gmail.com

Ice designated for only figure skating practice. Enhance your skills while sharing the ice with club members that will mentor and share their talents and experience with you. Ice contracts available for one (1) or two (2) days per week. 

  • Winter Exhibition: An event that showcases your talents while having fun with other members of the club.
  • Spring Show: The performance has opening and closing numbers that allow members at any skill level to participate. There are small and large group numbers as well as individual routines. All club members are eligible and encouraged to participate in this final show of the year.
  • Private Coaching: Opportunities for private lessons. (Additional coaching fees apply.)
  • Club Activities: The club participates in parades, enjoys holiday parties, and recognition banquets.
  • USFS Competitions: Club skaters also have opportunities to compete at USFS events.

Junior Membership

Contact Information :: Email the Board  ::  npafsc@gmail.com 

Junior membership is an opportunity to refine the skater’s skills in a small group setting, with a junior coach lesson and experience the NPAFSC atmosphere. Enjoy practicing with a limited number of figure skaters. 

Junior club offers more ice time than Learn to Skate. The skaters will have a 30 minute lesson in a small group as well as some open ice time to practice their skills on their own for 10 minutes. Additional ice time is available on Friday morning through the Community Center for a fee. 

The cost to join the Jr. Club is $330 which includes the coach fee.  There is also a fundraising requirement of  $150.

Members of the Jr. Club are invited to skate in both the winter and spring show in a group number. Dress/Costume fees are separate. They are also invited to all skating events such as participating in the parade, team building, and parties. 

Jr. Club members are not included in the club poster and are not able to be part of competitions.  

Learn to Skate

Contact Information :: New Prague Ice Arena

Learn the basics of skating in a "clinic" type setting.  High School skaters coach the group lessons at levels determined by your child's skill level. Groups can vary in size from 8-15 kids per group. One hour lessons that take place on Saturday mornings. There are 2 different sessions that are offered, one Oct-Dec and two Jan-Mar.  Open to boys and girls interested in Hockey or Figure Skating.  Learn to Skate is made available through the New Prague Ice Arena.

Public Skate

Contact Information :: (952) 758-7825 :: newpraguearena.com 

Open skate for figure skaters, hockey players, "experts" and novices of all ages. A fun time for the whole family.  Detailed practice for figure skaters and/or hockey players must be done at other designated ice times.

Level of Skills

Below is the breakdown of the different levels of skating skills.  Levels 1-3 are generally covered in Learn to Skate. Once these skills are practiced, Jr. Club is a good option to move into.


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